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...Because a journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step...


We will be putting together some fun activities for fundraising throughout the year because getting something in return (other than our never ending appreciation!) makes donating so much more fun!

...Check back soon for upcoming events...


Believe Walk Miami 2017 - December 3rd, 2017

Another amazing year full of love, support and hope for Dup15q Syndrome.  We raised another $10,000 for the Alliance with the help of everyone.  When they say It Takes a Village, all I can say is our Village is amazing in supporting us every year.   

We had a fantastic turnout and even though we had to push the Walk an additional 2 months due to Hurricane damage, nothing stopped our supporters from showing up!  Devin also walked most of the 5K - for someone who didn't start walking until he was almost 4 years old, this was such an accomplishment!  His OT Therapist Camilo was working with him to get his strength and stamina up to actually walk his Walk - and he did it!!!

We once again this year we were able to get donations from several companies to use for our raffle and we even had the 501 Squad come and take pictures with our walkers - Star Wars fan rejoice :D  (they were amazing and everyone loved taking pictures with them)

As always we feel beyond Blessed and loved by everyone's support.  We continue to fight and work together with the Alliance to promote awareness, find and fund targeted treatments and research for this Syndrome.  Your continued support means everything.  See you all again real soon!!!!


for THE DUP15Q ALLIANCE - August 24,  2017



WHEN:    THURSDAY 08/24/2017
TIME:      5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
PLACE:    CHIPOTLE @ 405 W 49th Street, Hialeah

We enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends and family and Chipotle donated 50% of the proceeds from that night to the Alliance.    What a great way to help!   A night out, no cooking and supporting this amazing organization with us.   We were able to raise $236 for the Alliance! Thank you to Chipotle and all of you who continue to support us every step of the way.

(Dup15q Alliance provides family support and promotes awareness, research and targeted treatments for Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome)

Believe Walk Miami 2016 ~ September 18, 2016

What an amazing experience – from the planning to the actual day, our hearts have been filled with so much love, excitement, anxiety (me!) and all around pride in our Walk – THE Walk for our babies.   From the very beginning, we (my co-coordinator Christine and volunteer Lilly) knew this would be big for us, we didn’t realize just how big!   Christine found an amazing venue, the Homestead Miami Speedway and got to work right away to make sure we could secure it.  Once done, we began the fun phase of overloading everyone with FB posts, emails and requests!  We had several companies donate food, water and raffle items.  And all our family and friends where such good sports, I kept warning about the info overload but in the end, we had a turnout of about 250 people!   And EVERYONE happily supported our Walk by contributing time, effort, energy and all around help.


The day of was a beautiful Miami day, crisp and bright and of course HOT! – we were concerned with rain, but it didn’t come thank goodness.  All our wonderful volunteer staff showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed and everyone got to work setting up our amazing venue.  At 8 on cue, everyone started to arrive and by 9 am about 250 people were walking a 5K including several Dup15q families.  That was the most amazing thing to me, to see so many of the families that share Devin’s Syndrome…  to feel so close to people you don’t really know, but deep down you feel you do because you share the same type of worries, concerns and joys all at once.  


We are beyond blessed with the love and support we received and are absolutely blown away by the generosity of everyone - between the online registrations, sponsorship and donations and day of and raffle's, we raised close to $17,000 for the Alliance. 


To sum up the experience, right after the walk, Christine, me, Lilly and several of those that closely helped where already strategizing for next year (taking apart what we need to change, keep and step up!!!!)!  We can’t wait and look forward to 2017!   - enjoy some pictures of the day :)

3rd annual SFACS Walk ~ May 2, 2015
(to benefit South Florida Autism Charter School)

A day of fun and games, the school was able to surpass their goal and raised over $52,000 (and we helped in that goal!).  Thank you to all who helped and supported us! <3

Team Devin'Smile in the house!

The Dan Marino WalkAbout Autism
held on January 25, 2014 @ SunLife Stadium

Enjoyed a great morning with friends and family at the Sunlife Stadium!  We all wore our TEAM DEVIN SMILE shirts courtesy of Helen and the girls!  Our team raised $425.00 towards the schools grand total fundraising of $1315 (The Dan Marino Foundation in turns gives 25% back to fund the Autism program at James H Bright Elementary which Devin is a part of).  Thank you for all your support in making this a successful fundraising event!  Hope to see you all in 2015 :)
Menchie's Dup15Q Alliance Fundraising Event
October 18th,  2012

WHEN:    THURSDAY 10/18/2012
TIME:      11 am to 11 pm (OPEN TO CLOSE)
PLACE:   MENCHIE'S MIAMI LAKES  7309 Miami Lakes Drive, Miami Lake

Come get your sweet tooth satisfied and help at the same time!!!  15% of your purchase will be donated to Dup15q Alliance

(Dup15q Alliance provides family support and promotes awareness, research and targeted treatments for Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome)