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More exciting scary times coming

Posted by Ivonne R on October 2, 2014 at 2:15 PM

It’s been a while and we’ve had couple of exciting months! Devin was finally approved for waiver services and we’re currently in the process of actually getting for him what he needs rather than what we can afford (he’s already been approved for ABA which is great)… this is a work in progress, but considering we were on a wait list for over 5 years, we’re ok with waiting a little longer :D

We're just about to embarq on yet another new's a blessing but one more scary step we're taking with Devin.

We just got the word that Devin's spot opened up at South Florida Autism Charter School (SFACS for short). We've been on their wait list for almost 2 years.

SFACS is an Autism ABA educational based school. Their curriculum is different than your normal school (even different than the ASD program he's in) - they teach self-help skills, work on communication and behavior skills and will basically be the last school Devin will attend (if God willing all goes well, he will graduate from here).

This is going to be a huge adjustment for US and Devin so i'm a bit apprehensive although excited all at once because I've been praying for this one for a while -

- For us, the fact that we leave Devin at the front with his aide (rather than taking him to class, staying behind a little longer to make sure “my baby” is ok) will be hard to do… more so for Mima and Pipo! :(.  He will no longer eat the homemade food, but rather what is offered in the cafeteria (you can imagine this is the best part for the Grandma's!)

- For Devin having to get used once more to different people, different classroom setting, different rules - all the makings of a disaster but hopefully with time the eventual adjustment period will set in! (quickly is the hope!!!)

With everything that revolves around Devin, this is another “wait and see” but I’m hopeful that he will thrive further here. Keep us in your prayers for a smooth transition!!

~ Mom


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